ARVI AGRO is an exclusivist logistics terminal in Romania that provides reloading bulk and packaged goods from broad gauge railways to narrow gauge railways.
ARVI AGRO has installed completely new and modern equipment on its territory that allows carrying out two types of bulk cargo reloading:
– Products are unloaded from the wide Russian railway cars and immediately loaded to the railway cars on the narrow European railway.
– Products are unloaded from railway cars and directed to warehouses from where can be loaded on the narrow railway.
The capacity of bulk cargos reloading directly from one railway car to another is 210.000 tons/ year.
The capacity of bulk cargos reloading through warehouse is 110.000 tons/ year.

Products are unloaded from railway cars and directed to warehouses for storage.
Bulk cargo unloading efficiency is 332.000 tons/ year.

Production from warehouses may be loaded by elevator into railway cars on narrow (European) railway and wide (Russian) railway, as well. Loading efficiency is 110.000 tons/ year.

The goal of the ARVI AGRO warehouses is to create a system that can accommodate all types of storage. In order to accomplish these objectives we are providing the following services:
Closed warehousing – 4200 square meters of newly built modern warehouse that can accommodate up to 6000 tonnes of bulk cargo and up to 1300 tons of packed cargo.
Open warehousing – the company’s specially prepared concrete-paved open storage site can accommodate up to 3000 tons of packed products.
Type E customs warehouses – the customs warehouses, where all (Romanian and non-Romanian) goods can be stored by individual as well as by legal entities of Romania and foreign countries, or other organizations. Customs warehouses can not only offer the storage of goods, but also purchase and sale transactions.

The fertilizer products are packed in bags of 500 kg and 50 kg.

ARVI AGRO leads to become one of the most important Romanian distributor of complex mineral fertilizers, and at the same time it manifests constant interest in offering logistic services and specialized consultancy.
In Romania, ARVI AGRO offers services to all the farmers who want to reach high performances in their agricultural process and not only.
By offering high-quality products and services, ARVI AGRO succeeded to impose itself as a competitive and trustworthy company.