The history of the ARVI fertilizer business started in 1994. In that year, the company began to sell potassium fertilizers. The production of blended fertilizers started later, and in 2001 the first production plant was built and launched in Marijampole for granulated complex NPK fertilizers. Now ARVI fertilizer business unites the factories in Lithuania and Russia as well as the fertilizer sales and transshipment terminal in Romania. Until now, the company is the sole manufacturer of complex fertilizers in the Baltic countries.

The company has acquired the modern, waste-free technology of complex pellet fertilizers from the U.S. company Sackett and Sons. The technology for ARVI’s complex fertilizer production was in part chosen because of some important factors: the possibility of preparing a wide range of formulas adapted to the needs of different plants and regions. ARVI FERTIS factory can produce over 250 of complex fertilizer formulas, however, new compositions are constantly developed, adapting them to any crops and soil. During the manufacturing process all the material necessary for a plant is balanced in one pellet: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. We produce the fertilizer formulas popular all over the world, such as NPK 15-15-15+S, NPK 8-20-30+S, NPK 5-15-25+S, the basis of which is made of potassium chloride and diammonium phosphate. Our speciality, however, is the production of exclusive fertilizers: chlorine-free fertilizers for cultivation of various vegetables and fruit, special fertilizers for cultivation of sugar beet, etc.

The exclusivity of compound fertilizers manufactured by ARVI FERTIS is high agronomic efficiency. The produced fertilizers are nitrate-free, therefore nitrogen is not washed out into the ground waters and the nutrients remain in the soil. This ensures healthier yield of higher quality and the ground water is not polluted. ARVI FERTIS fertilizers not only improve or restore the basic properties of the soil, but also can be supplemented with biological additives. Due to the basic and secondary macro and micro nutrients contained in the fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, boron and zinc synergy, the plants efficiently absorb the nutrients.

ARVI FERTIS belongs to the International Fertilizer Industry Association IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association); the company owns twelve fertilizer production patents. The companies have international quality management system and environmental management system certificates. The company has been awarded with medals and awards for high quality production in the international exhibitions.

ARVI FERTIS company produces fertilizers that are exported to Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

CSC “BALTKALIS” is the official „Arvi fertis“ and ARVI NPK fertilizers sales representative.